Chanel Palette Essentielle

Chanel Palette Essentielle

Chanel’s beauty line is always a range of products I’ve been impressed continuously impressed with. This all in one beauty product originally came out for Chanel’s fall/winter 2017 collection, and I’ve had my eye on it ever since. Living in Cape Town at the time, the palette went for R1950 which is equivalent to £120…WHAT! So I resisted. In London there was no resisting, when I discovered the palette had returned for Chanel’s summer 2018 collection and it here it was only £45 on sale in John Lewis. It looks like this product generally goes for around £52. So is this little palette worth the hype?

Cruise Collection 2018 Spring/Summer Collection:
This palette is in a range of 7 different products in multiple shades for this summer. It’s all about that ‘no makeup’ makeup, radiant glow. The collection is all about a translucent colour palette with transparent summer skin.

In Store you can find 3 different shades. 150 Beige Clair, 160 Beige Medium and 170 Beige Intense. 5 shades can be found on Chanel’s website with the additional 2 shades, 175 Rose Naturel and 180 Rose Petale.

Classic black Chanel packaging, its sleek and sophisticated; not to forget handbag size.


If you’re looking for that full covered flawless and baked makeup, this isn’t the palette for you. Remember everyone, this is all about natural, translucent skin. I’ve been using this palette everyday since I purchased it. Originally being for my makeup kit, this beauty quickly found its way its my makeup bag.

The Concealer – the light to medium coverage concealer is a cream to powder formula. It blends into skin really easily with easier a Buffy brush, beauty blender or fingers. I personally have been using it with my fingers and a buffing brush. It doesn’t sit in those annoying fine lines or crack on dry skin. Wohoo not bad.

The Blush – the texture of this blush is a dream, I want to say it almost feels sticky. The cream product is very pigmented and a little bit really goes a long way. It appears transparent on the skin, almost like jelly! Sheer but very buildable.

TIP – use this guy on your cheeks and lips for the perfect match this season.

The highlighter – a creamy and soft pearly highlighter. It’s not that crazy stand out highlighter we’re seeing all over the market at the moment. It gives the skin a natural and dewy radiance.

TIP – the highlighter and blush are also a great combination on the cheek as a mixture.

All 3 of the cream products inside this palette have a good lasting power on my skin (being normal – combination) if you have a combination to oily skin I would recommend powdering your T-zone.


– The 5 shade range isn’t a good enough range for darker skin tones.
– I’m going through the concealer a lot faster than the rest of the products
-If I’m allowed to be picky, the shape of the concealer section can be annoying to get a brush in…but that’s me being really picky!

In my opinion, this product is definitely worth the plunge. Its so versatile as a palette and it really is that perfect summer palette. I have to judge it off the fact that I never go for the same beauty products for more than a week in a row, and I just can’t put this bad boy down.

Love Sarah x

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