Juvia's Place - The Saharan Palette

Juvia's Place - The Saharan Palette

Juvia’s Place  is a brand that has attracted all makeup enthusiasts, it has been talked about by youtubers, beauty bloggers and magazines.

The company was founded by West African Chichi Eburu, creating eye shadow palettes inspired by Africa. The brand has a wide variety of colourful palettes to choose from; as well as blushes to die for and brushes.

The Saharan Palette is a well used palette in my kit and in my day to day life.

  • Packaging – the palette has a red outside with a beautiful African women on the front. The inside is bright blue where the eye shadow pans sit. It’s really sturdy, you open and close the palette with a flip top that secures tight.
  • Shades – there are 12 nicely sized pans inside the palette. The wide range of colours allows you to create so many different looks, day or night.
  • Texture – the 12 shades come in buttery metallics and mattes.
  • Pigment – SO pigmented! These colours go such a long way, the pigment is so strong but they blend out easily.

These palettes were created to suit all skin tones, the buttery shadows are so pigmented that they stand out on everyone no matter how light or dark the shades are. This is one of the main reasons I love this palette and it’s always in my kit. I cannot wait to get my hands on more of these palettes, I think they may slowly start to phase out a lot of my other palettes. I just can’t find another palette with the same textures.

TIP – these gorgeous shadows will only give fall out if you’re heavy handed picking up the product. Pick up a little bit at a time and add if you need to. 

Love Sarah x

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