My Top 2018 Makeup Trends

My Top 2018 Makeup Trends

Every year, and every season we see different trends come out on the runway. The world of fashion gives us new ideas of styles to wear and new makeup trends. Whether it’s a new colour, new brow shape or a new texture to work with; there’s always something to keep us on our toes and moving our makeup brushes.

This year a bunch of new makeup trends have come out, on the runway these trends are editorial looks, but each one can be toned down and turned into a look for everyone to rock.


Holographic Lip Gloss 

If you follow the beauty world and beauty brands as much as I do, you already know lip gloss is taking a major come back in 2018. We’re seeing a whole bunch of brands come out with different glosses from sheer to opaque metallic. Holographic gloss has to be my favourite gloss trend for this year because its new, different and definitely funky; but also versatile and wearable. These glosses can be worn on their own or over your favourite lipstick to add dimension.

If you want to get fun with, use the gloss over your eyelids or on the tops of your cheek bones for an extra glossy highlight and shine! 


Full Brows

There have been so many eyebrow trends over the years, full, thin, nearly gone, and to full again. Personally being a lover of the ‘boy brow’ trend, I’m a big fan of full bush brows. In the industry today we see models being casted for their beautiful and blessed, bushy brows. Read more about brow trends and where they came from with allure

Say goodbye to solid and painted brows that we often see on instagram and hello to natural, bushy and full brows. I love using tinted brow gels to achieve this look on models, my go to is the Legendary Brows from Charlottle Tilbury.

If you don’t have much brows, use a cream or gel brow product to paint on small brush hairs. Try the Dipbrow by Anastassia Beverly Hills.

Thumb Print Liner

There’s no hiding it..I LOVE a good winged liner. There were a few years in my life where I just couldn’t live without my black cat eye; my trainer at M.A.C cosmetics even band me from wearing it for a while.

That sharp ‘wing on fleek’ that we all strive for has gone under a revamp for this year. Instead of the sharp wing – round off the edge instead. This look was the main look at the Tom Ford show at fashion week. I personally love this look because it reminds me of a toned down Amy Winehouse liner.

Harpers Bazar Magazine let us in on a super cool trick for achieving this look. The sponge eye shadow applicators we always get in compacts…the ones that no one really uses. Well a use has finally been found. Use the shape as a stamp to create the rounded shape. Genius!

Let me know what your favourite trends our for 2018!

Love Sarah x

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