The Body Shop lip & cheek stains

The Body Shop lip & cheek stains

My cheek stain obsession has allowed me to apply rediscover a brand I once loved. I have never used body shop makeup, I’ve always looked at it and admired their very soft collection of brushes but nothing has ever stuck out enough for me to make a purchase. There was a time in my life where I could honestly say I spent too much time in The Body Shop but over the years as I was exposed to new brands, not to mention working for Lush Cosmetics; I moved away from the brand all together. About a month ago I noticed a fellow makeup artist raving about the product on her social media and I had to give it a try.

These lip an cheek stains come in a variety of colours that work on all skin tones, even the deepest wohoo. They’re small and light in weight making them great for your makeup bag or professional kit. The colours come off so naturally on the skin, the gel like formula gives a transparent flush with the colour pay off being easy to build.

How to use: 

  1. Apply to cheek with application wand and blend out with fingers
  2. Apply to cheeks with application wand then buff in with fluffy brush

NOTE: I love to pop a bit of the stain over the bridge of the nose to make a perfect flush look perfectly natural. 

I’m a big fan on stains not only because they’re so easy and natural, but because you can use them all year round. Lots of products generally have to be adjusted in different weather conditions depending on your skin type. For example: if you have an oiler skin, in summer you can use powder blush and in winter creams or powders. Stains, literally stain the skin without being dry or greasy.

This product is so affordable and such a great find! 5 stars from me

Sarah x



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