The Ultimate Mascara

The Ultimate Mascara

I find that like foundation, mascara is a very personal makeup product. All mascara wearers are looking for their perfect mascara, but what’s your definition of perfect? There are a few different factors, first; everyone’s eyelashes are different, short, long, dead straight, super curly, the list goes on. Secondly we’re all looking for a look, natural lashes, full volume lashes, waterproof, smudge proof, normal, mega clumpy, brown, black, blue? Am I still with you? Thirdly each individual has their own way of applying mascara and lastly there’s always the factor of different price ranges. With all of these to consider I find it tricky when it comes to recommending a mascara, but I can always share with you what I love using personally and on all my clients.

Mascara has always been the product I’ve looked over, I’ve never felt the need to try mascara after mascara until I find the right one. I have several criteria when it comes to what I need and once I’ve found it I don’t stray far.

Criteria being:

  • no smudging under the eyes
  • waterproof or smudge proof
  • blackest black in colour
  • volume without the lashes being clumpy
  • quick to apply

For years I was attached to my Maybelline Colossal Mascara for fitting all my criteria as well as being an affordable product to always have in my kit. The M.A.C. Extended Play Mascara is another product that has been in my kit and personally used by me for over 5 years also for its ability to not smudge and get every single lash. This mascara works a dream for people with shorter or curly lashes because it grabs onto every little lash and separates them to give you a properly structured lash. Due to the tiny mascara wand, it’s also perfect as a bottom lash mascara, I’ll always use this on the bottom lashes paired with a different mascara on the top lashes.

So why is this new mascara my ultimate? Although I haven’t lost any love for my other mascaras, and extended play will never leave my kit. This mascara is the newest edition of my makeup kit and personal makeup bag that will always have to be repurchased. Le Volume De Chanel mascara is a product I came across at a Chanel Master Class on Oxford Street in July, after seeing the results I had to have it. Although Chanel is known for their incredible mascaras, I wasn’t expecting the results I saw. Full, dark and volumes of lashes.

What’s it made of?

  1. Chanel did good, not only does the composition of this formula create such fab lashes but it also contains a film-forming agent to preserve the suppleness of lashes, acting as a treatment while you rock your lashes.
  2. A blend of waxes is used for that instant volume affect.
  3. Acacia gum is used to set the curl that’s defined by the wand and intensify volume.

The Wand:

The brush was developed exclusively for the Chanel brand. Made with lots of small disks that are stacked and orientated to grab every lash and a non clumpy finish. The brush is a standard size which is easy to use on all eye shapes. The orientation on the disks allows you to get the wand up close and personal to your water line.

Colour Choice:

  1. 10 – Noir (Black)
  2. 80 – Ecorces (Dark Brown)
  3. 70 Blue Night (Deep Blue)

NOTE: There is also a waterproof version of this mascara. 

I’ve been using this product now for a good month and this is the first time in the history of doing my makeup that I’ve loved using my mascara so much in my routine.

All The Pros:

  • it doesn’t smudge
  • very black
  • nice packaging
  • easy and quick to use
  • adds so much volume to the lashes

All The Cons:

  • price (£28)
  • …that’s all.

If you’re in the market for a new mascara, I wouldn’t look passed this one. Birthday coming up? Maybe but this on your wish list. Hey! Christmas isn’t too far away either. You won’t regret the results you get.

Love Sarah x


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