What brow products do you need achieve your look?

What brow products do you need achieve your look?

These days it seems like its just all about brows! No doubt it’s currently a huge trend throughout the industry, with every other video or picture on Instagram revolving around brows. This year we’ve seen many brands such as MAC, Glossier and Nars creating new brow products for all their obsessed customers.

There are so many brow products on the market, how do you know when to use what? They key is, each kind of product or formula is going to give you a different effect.

The break down of products –

Soap Brows is an old makeup artists trick, that literally means using a bar of soap to brush the brows up and keep them in place. These products have no colour. I definitely recommend this product to all makeup artists, and to anyone who has untameable brows.

Brow gels are generally used to keep brows in place. Some are clear and some have colour to add a tint or help to fill in gabs in the brow. Most brands today make a form of brow gel, my personal favourites are legendary brows and boy brow. These are just to use if you don’t need much through your brows, you need them set in place or you’re going for a more natural look.

Brow gel/cream formulas are most similar to gel pot liners in texture. This is a product can be used with a brush to create soft hairs through the brows, fill in brows and create new brow shapes. Although I find this very versatile as a product, I strongly suggest matching your colour right and being light handed as it is a heavier and more opaque product.

Brow pencils and powder are  the most popular brow products on the market. Brow pencils come in different formulas but generally are able to fill in the brow easily and naturally as well as brow powders. The variety of shades and products you can find in these formulas are widest by far.

NOTE: Gels can be used over pencils and powder to set the product and keep your brow shape lasting all day long.

Brows are a feature that frame your face, when choosing what brow products work for you, consider what looks you’re going for. If you’re rocking a bright read lip, you might want to try a pencil or cream/gel to create a strong brow. If you’re rocking a sultry smokey eye, you may opt for a pencil or powder to add definition to the brow without it over powering your eyes.

If you’re wondering what kind of brow products you’re in the market for, I hope this helped!

Sarah x


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