Make your Skin a Priority!

When it comes to skin and skincare, there’s so many products on the market…how are we meant to know what to use? It’s always chopping and changing, especially with natural ingredients becoming more prominent and trendy on the market such as charcoal becoming the new best thing, or coconut oil before that.

The truth is, to get and maintain happy and healthy skin isn’t all that difficult, we just need to take things back to basics. Before you go out and spend all your money on different skin care products and hope for the best, look at how you live your day to day life and follow some of these tips!


STEP 1.  How much water are you actually drinking?

Did you know that the skin is your biggest organ? It needs water people!

  • Water is essential for maintaining moisture levels in the skin as well as providing important nutrient to our skin cells. Replenishing skin tissue which in turn increases the amount of elasticity in the skin. You go it…water is step one to anti ageing.
  • Water creates hydration in the skin, leaving it softer, and plumper. You don’t always need to reach for your highlighter, try reaching for your water bottle instead.
  • We face toxins on a day to day basis that are begging to be flushed out our systems. Drinking enough water improves your digestive system and metabolic rate, regularly removing toxins from the system which results in minimising problematic skin as well as skin conditions such a eczema.


STEP 2. You are what you eat, don’t forget it.

Our skin really can reflect how we feel and what we’re putting into our bodies. If you’re constantly eating junk food and straying away from fruits and vegetables…are you really that surprised? Try incorporating some of these into your diet on a day to day basis on top of your 5 a day!

  • Green tea – natural antioxidant that’s perfect for adding hydration into the body
  • Soy – naturally boosts collagen production
  • Flaxseeds – high concentration of mega 3 fatty acids which help heal skin acting as an anti inflammatory. This seed also helps your skin produce more oil that keeps your skin smooth and soft.
  • Sunflower seeds – high in vitamin E, promoting healthy skin growth and containing copper which aid in melanin production protecting against UV damage.
  • Walnuts – these nuts are your new best friend, packed with vitamin B and biotin. As well as being an amazing source of omega 3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

STEP 3. Get moving!

Don’t lie to yourself now, do you actually exercise? I was so motivated to have good skin, it’s what started getting me to the gym, to be honest..I always found it much easier to motivate myself for my skin than for my body. Maybe you should try it?

  • Get your blood going – this carries more blood and nutrience to the skin which in turn increases collagen production.
  • Exercising regularly improves your sweat glands and increases cell reproduction.
  • Exercising detoxifies the body by sweating and releasing toxins
  • So after you’ve got your work out in, no doubt you may feel tired or drained but I’ve got good news for you. A) getting regular work outs in will start to lift your mood and give you energy! B) sleeping patterns improve when you exercise. When you sleep your body takes time to heal itself, by getting enough beauty sleep the health of your skin will improve.


I know simple. Take things back to basics, remember that everything you put in body will effect the outside.

Love Sarah x

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