Life Update: Where am I?

Life Update: Where am I?

It’s what we all say every year but WOW I can’t believe it’s already nearly Christmas! Who’s excited for the holidays? ME! I thought it was time for a little update, to keep you all posted on where I am and what I’m doing.

To end the confusion, I am currently in Cape Town, South Africa. Where I get to enjoy beautiful summer over Christmas. My family has spent basically every year of my life in Cape Town for Christmas and although I considered staying in the UK…well lets just say I’m glad I didn’t.

Over the passed 6 months I have lived and worked in London, pursuing over avenues of my industry and gaining a whole lot of life experience as I went. It’s incredible and always intriguing to see how the same industry operates in different ways in different places. There are so many unbelievably talented creatives in the world, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to work with them.

Since the beginning of November I have been working in Cape Town. I really hit the ground running, which has kept me very busy and has been an absolute breath of fresh air. Working on amazing locations, with great people.

I will be staying in this beautiful city for the next few months, and will be returning to London at some point next year.

Check out some behind the scenes of what’s been happening in my world lately.

Love Sarah x


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