My Inflight Skincare Routine

My Inflight Skincare Routine

I feel so very privileged to be able to travel, it really is such a luxury to be able to explore new places whether it be for work or travel. Travelling can be a pretty gross experience lets be honest, you’re essentially cocooned in a tube of bacteria. Sounds fantastic I know, but I always say you remember the holiday and not how you got there. It’s just nice to take some healthy steps along the way to keep yourself feeling alive and fresh when you reach your destination.

So, the air you breathe while in a cabin comes from outside, air at low altitudes contains very little moisture. Ever felt your skin getting dry really fast on a plane? (Never forget your lip balm!). Lack of moisture in the air leads to dehydration which causing the skin to become dry and in some cases itchy or irritated.

After years of flying and always suffering from dry skin the next morning, I came across a video by Lisa Eldrige talking about her skincare routine on a plane. Ever since I have stuck to always having a routine while traveling and boy have I seen the benefits.

My Routine

I either do this routine as I get onto the plane or just before boarding in the bathroom. I have no problem doing it in my seat in front of other people, but if you feel more comfortable just go to the bathroom where you have a mirror. All of these products fit comfortably in my zip lock liquids bag which is required for carry on luggage.

Step 1 – Clean hands I always have wipes or hand sanitizer in my carry on

Step 2 – wipe over skin with Bioderma decant bioderma into a smaller container 

Step 3 – apply a thin layer of Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask by belief  wait a few minutes and apply another layer (avoiding eye and lip area)

Step 4 – apply Avocado Eye Treatment by Khiels under eyes and around the orbital bone

Step 5 – apply any lip liner of your choice  (top up as needed)

Step 6 – Although I don’t use hand cream on a day to day basis, on the plane I find it necessary to keep my cuticles soft.

EXTRA – I enjoy using an anti-pollution spray to refresh my skin through the flight. I recommend you don’t do this in your seat for the sake of others.

The next morning I like to remove the mask either by once again using bioderma in my seat or rinsing my face in the sink. After this, I will apply my eye cream and moisturizer as a normal skincare routine before landing. On my most recent travels, I’ve been using belief Aqua Bomb

Things to Consider 

  1. Water is your best friend. Buy a larger bottle before you get onto the plane, or keep asking for more water as airlines usually do not give out as much as you really need. 
  2. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, this dehydrates you quicker. 
  3. Cleanse exfoliate and moisturize before heading off to the airport.  I do not wear makeup to the airport 


Taking care of yourself and your skin while traveling will benefit you hugely, it will make you feel so much better on the inside and the outside. Definitely give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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Sarah x