Rice Flour Face Mask

Rice Flour Face Mask

Hi everyone! Take a seat, get comfy, grab your drink of choice and let’s talk about face masks; a topic I do love so much. Whether you’re working from home, have recently become a home-school teacher or you’re like me and there’s very little work you can do from home; it’s time to take some you time. I believe we all need to be positive, be grateful and find ways to make our current situation better. So, let’s look at this from your skin point of view. There’s no reason to wear makeup, if you wear makeup you have time to remove it properly, you have time to really take care and do all the things you’d love to do in your day to day life but can’t due to lack of time.

This is the first of my homemade face mask series, to get your skin looking the best it ever has while we’re all on lockdown. Your kitchen is packed with simple, natural ingredients that make incredible face masks without you having to leave the house.


Rice flour is very gentle, it is a highly absorbent powder; which makes it great for deep cleaning pores and minimizing blemishes. The finely milled powder assists in lightening dark spots, evening out the skin tone and brightening.

Honey is antibacterial, soothing and hydrating.

Green Tea is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce the amount of oil secretion on the skin and treat acne.

Ingredients –

X2 Teaspoons of rice flour
X2 Teaspoons of honey
Green tea bag
Hot Water

Steps –

Make a cup of green tea to brew
Add rice flour and honey together, mix into a paste
Add in green tea – for this part, I like to remove the teabag from the hot water and squeeze the water out of the bag.
Mix until smooth
Apply a generous layer evenly over your face and neck for 15-20mins
Rinse off with warm water, tone and moisturize as normal.

This mask can be used 2-3 times a week in conjunction with your daily skincare routine.

Happy masking!

Sarah x